Global Team Services


Our Secret Weapon

In the 21st Century, to provide the level and speed of service that today’s business clients demand, information must be accessible instantly on demand.  To achieve this, GTS has developed a proprietary document, contact and “action” management system called “TeamsOffice”.

TeamsOffice stores all your significant documents on-line in their original electronic application formats, in image format or both and in any number of versions.

TeamsOffice is offered as an SAAS (Software as a Solution) service hosted “in the cloud”, giving you and your staff (and your clients and suppliers if, and only if, you wish) direct access from anywhere in the world 24/7/365.

Here are just a few of the unique features of TeamsOffice:

  • Most document management systems manage security by creating access rights to folders with the result that documents that need to be seen by more than one class of user need to be stored in more than one copy in folders with differing access rights.  This leads to confusion about which is the up to date version when differences occur;
  • TeamsOffice stores each record only once and provides record level access control for groups and for individual users for maximum information integrity and security;
  • Documents are stored on the server with long, meaningless record identifiers that are never exposed to users so that, if a hacker were to gain access to any documents, matching them to database records would be next to impossible;
  • Documents can be linked to contacts as authors, addressees, parties, signatories and the like as well as to projects and “actions” (Events, Tasks and Notes);
  • They can also be linked together to form discussion threads or document trails for easy management tracking;
  • Bundles can be created and a set of download links delivered to external parties to provide secure and easy distribution without needing to grant access to the system to outsiders;
  • “Actions” (Events, Tasks and Notes) can be assigned to individual users with distinct roles, deadlines and alerts with separate record-level control of viewing and editing access for total flexibility;
  • All records, documents, contacts and “actions” can be linked multi-dimensionally within and across their categories, in each case stored in only one location, providing an extremely flexible and secure environment for management of information and performance.

TeamsOffice has recently added a professional accounting module that makes management of multiple currencies straightforward, automatic and easy and also allows you to slice and dice your financial data any way you like and export it to any of 8 different formats.

TeamsOffice is a work-in-progress, a never-ending journey and will continue to be upgraded with improvements, new features and new modules for as far as the eye can see.