Global Team Services


GTS clients include:

(A)  HINWIs (High Net Worth Individuals)

Been there, done that?   Managed thousands of people and earned the right to some peace of mind?

If this applies to you but you still want to hold an interest in some selected commercial enterprises to provide an ongoing income for your retirement without the hassle of managing a venture capital monitoring and reporting team, GTS can help.

(B) Enterprises and SMEs

If you believe that outsourcing and sharing the cost of your organisation’s back-office operations could be a cost-effective solution, GTS can help.

(C) Entrepreneurs, Charities and Startups

If you or your organisation are struggling with a tight budget and cannot afford to invest in the kind of back-office systems and support that you need to maintain peace of mind that you will stay on the right side of the law, GTS can help.


GTS is a true boutique consultancy and as such is highly selective in its clientele, accepting instructions only from those whose objectives and operations it understands and respects. Great wealth is not, however, a condition for being able to take advantage of our services. If you need help to support a worthwhile enterprise and can afford just to share some of the cost, feel free to talk to GTS.

We support workgroups and teams of all kinds, not only global teams.